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Thursday, January 03, 2008

AnniesMagicShop.com Changes to WizardsApprenticeMagic.com

Announcing a change in the Extreme Halloween Network of Websites!

AnniesMagicShop.com is now being redirected to WizardsApprenticeMagic.com

Wizards Apprentice Magic
If you are looking for magic tricks, magic supplies, and magician's tools, please bookmark: http://www.wizardsapprenticemagic.com/

This is your new online source for all things magic and magicians' supplies. The "Wizard" is actually my brother Jack Maxwell, and Wizards Apprentice is his site. All online magic orders will now be processed through his site on a different shopping cart - also 100% safe and secure online shopping and easy to use.

Jack is a magic supply expert, as well as a professional magician and has been practicing magic, slight of hand, close up magic and stage performance for over 20 years. An impressive track record for a 30 year old!

Jack Maxwell - The Wizard's Apprentice
Jack's experience and expertice makes him an authority on magic tricks of all kinds for any age and any level: beginner to professional. His customer support is amazing and if you have any questions or the need for suggestions about any magic tricks, Jack is the person to consult.

To sign up for the Wizard's Newsletter, email: wizardlymight (at) aol (dot) com

and to keep up with news about The Wizard, the website and the retail shop in Hollywood, FL, check out the Wizard is in Blog.

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