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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

5 Steps to Taking the Best Halloween Pictures

By Jim Brown

Photographs may be just bits of paper prints but it has potent effects to your memory. With pictures, our memory runs wild. It makes you recall, let alone reminisce the time that the photo was taken. Then you will find yourself smiling if not laughing at the thought of it. Thus, photographs bring memories, fresh and crisp to our minds.

In addition, photos are sort of like an evidence that we were once such and so. With pictures taken, you can show it to someone just to prove that you were at some concert or that you were once dressed as a die at one Halloween party. Hence, if you love dressing up during Halloween, you'd better take hold of these tips so you can take high-quality pictures. You'd never really want to miss out the fun in the pictures, do you?

First, take your camera. Use the kind that you know how and is comfortable at operating. It doesn't matter if it's high-tech or not because even disposable cameras could shoot good pictures. Just as long as you know how the camera functions, it'll do.

Second, look at the people you're going to take pictures of. Examine each of them and the point that draws attention in them. It could be their faces, their masks or their outfits. Take into account the source of light, too. If you want to give pictures a scary feeling, you can let your subjects use a flashlight right down under their chins.

Third, if there are a number of them, make sure to let them stand close to each other. Never place them in one line. If possible, have them in a number of rows. You can let others stand while others kneel in front. If your subjects are children, make sure to get that picture within their level. This means you would have to go on your knees if needed. That will give you good results. You may also take candid pictures. Just always be poised for action.

Fourth, let your subjects stay calm and comfortable. It would be more fun to have them let a sound of the personalities they're dressed up for. If someone's dressed as a tiger, make him or her growl. This would bring out laughs in everyone not just kids but grown-ups, too.

Fifth, click the camera and get the picture! However, if you wish to take photos of Jack O' Lanterns, make sure to do it at stark dark. As much as possible, the background should contrast the bright, translucent appearance of the lantern.

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