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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Movies Announced at Comic-Con = Future New Costumes!

Comic Con CostumesI'm always on the lookout for what's next in the costume world. The Comic Con convention in San Diego earlier this month is defnitely a crystal ball into the future costumes of Halloween 2008 and beyond.

I know, Halloween 2007 is still two months away, and here I am talking about 2008 already!

Well, here are some futuristic movie highlights from Comic Con courtesy MTV.com

» Marvel executives and "Iron Man" director Jon Favreau revealed plans to begin teaming heroes in future flicks (see "Comic-Con: 'Hulk' Smashes At Marvel Panel, Plus 'Iron Man' Cameos To Spawn 'Marvel Heroes' Flick").

Iron Man Costume» Steven Spielberg revealed live via satellite that Karen Allen would return in the forthcoming fourth "Indiana Jones" as the whip-wielder's greatest love, Marion Ravenwood (see "Comic-Con: Karen Allen To Appear In 'Indiana Jones IV' ").

» "300" director Zack Snyder revealed the poster and cast for his highly anticipated "Watchmen" movie (see "Comic-Con: 'Watchmen' Poster Revealed!").

» Sam Raimi let it slip that he recently met with Marvel producer Avi Arad to lay the groundwork for a "Spider-Man 4" script.

» The villainous Zachary Quinto was announced as Mr. Spock in the upcoming "Star Trek" re-launch flick (see "'Star Trek' Earmarks A 'Hero' To Play New Spock In J.J. Abrams Flick").

The MTV Movie Blog has a list of BIG movie news uncovered at Comic Con:

– Seth Rogen told us his “Green Hornet” isn’t going to be all laughs.
– We found out Tyrese Gibson and Joan Allen are going to take a “Death Race.”
– The Marvel panel blew our minds with “Incredible Hulk” news and “Iron Man” footage.
– Hope you aren’t feeling Narnia’d out because a lot more flicks are on the way.
– We spent a day with the man of the moment, “Watchmen” director Zack Snyder.
– You got a sneak peek, courtesy of Dee Snider, of “Hatchet.”
– We found a pretty creepy dossier on “The Dark Knight”’s Joker.
– We took a look at J.J. Abram’s secret monster movie and its guerilla marketing.
– We found out that the only thing better than one Spock is two Spocks!
– And we got psyched for the return of Marion Ravenwood to “Indiana Jones.”

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