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Monday, August 20, 2007

Halloween Makeup Tricks of the Trade

Here are some great Halloween Makeup Tricks of the Trade.

First, be safe. Before applying any makeup effects, follow these simple safety guidelines:
  1. Always perform a skin test to ensure skin compatibility

  2. Never use makeup or baby powder around sources of open flame.

  3. Only use approved makeup for facial areas.

  4. Do not mix different kinds of makeup.

  5. Apply makeup thinly, one color at a time allowing the makeup to adequately dry (a hair dryer set on cold air can speed the process)
First begin with a clean face. Most FX artists recommend a good astringent to remove facial oils followed by a cold water rinse to close the pores. An extremely thin coat of vaseline at this point will aid in makeup removal.

Find a place in front of a mirror with a good light source. A good comfortable chair would help. Ensure there are no sources of flame near the makeup.

Decide if there will be any prosthetic pieces such as scabs, scars or areas where the face will be built up. I like to apply them first, as the spirit gum adheres better to a clean face.


Start with any of the prosthetic devices you want to add: scars, warts, nose etc. Where the device will go, apply spirit gum to both the face and the device. Allow the spirit gum to get tacky before applying the device. If using latex, apply a base coat of latex and gradually build the area. For scars, apply a thin layer of latex then cover with a single piece of tissue, repeat the process until the scar is formed.


When you're satisfied with the build-up or prosthetics, apply a foundation makeup. The color will depend on the required outcome, white for vampires, gray for corpses, red for devils, green for witches and goblins, blue for a frozen look. The foundation should be applied lightly rubbing on face then patting to blend the makeup. With the foundation applied it's time to highlight and shadow. A makeup brush will assist in even coating.

Setting the Makeup

The final step in any makeup design is to set the makeup. For any who has tried to wear makeup while acting in a haunted house or going to a party can tell you, unset makeup while run with sweat ruining the makeup in a matter of minutes. The key is to set the makeup. There are many commercial products but nothing is cheaper and works as well as baby powder. A simple dusting of baby powder while keep the makeup fresh and set throughout the night. Baby powder is also especially useful for creating the look of age in zombies. A good powdering of the hair and clothing provides instant aging.

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