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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rob Zombie Halloween Movie Remake

The horrifying return of Michael Myers through the eyes of Rob Zombie! The movie will be released on August 31, 2007.

You might have seen the previews already and this remake looks even scarier than the original. Granted, the original movie is a classic and was quite scary enough, especially since I was pretty young when I first saw it.

The voice over on the Halloween trailer says, "This August, Rob Zombie unleashes an extreme vision of terror and reinvents a legend." Some critics, although fans of Rob Zombie, are asking why? Why remake a classic? I personally think the trailer is spooky as is and has intrigued me enough to want to see the movie. Although, I am a movie fan, contrary to what you might imagine, I am not a huge horror movie fan. I guess growing up in the Halloween business has somewhat desensitized me to some things, and at the same time, some recent movies are just too sick or gory for my taste. I guess I live in a world of costumes, makeup and horror, so I like something different in most of my movies. But I will go and see this new Halloween movie, I'm kind of excited about it, actually.
The new Halloween movie trailer, I feel, is actually too scary to post here on my blog, since I want to keep my blog PG and family oriented about things related to Halloween and Halloween costumes.
There is an interesting interview with Rob Zombie posted on Final Girl's blog. I just linked to it, rather than post it here along with a warning that you might find a few bad words there - doesn't bother me, but just in case it might bother you. : )
I almost forgot . . . for any of you avid fans out there, http://www.anniescostumes.com/ carries the official Michael Myers Mask as well as the Michael Myers costume for adults. If you get it now, you can wear it to the premier and at Halloween so that you can get double the fright time out of it!

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