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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Halloween is ON in Lahaina, Hawaii

In years past, Halloween in Lahaina, Hawaii, has meant a big celebration with a parade, costumes, and sometimes a wild affair attended by residents and tourists alike. The Halloween celebration in Lahaina has raised some concern as of late, with many expressing concern that the celebration gets too out of control for the small island town to handle. Not to mention the contoversy that has arised when several native Hawaiian groups have expressed their disapproval of many components of the event taking place on the same grounds that are rich with their heritage and traditions of the past.

I have been following the story in the news the past few weeks and, as a Halloween enthusiast, I am happy to see that the StarBulletin.com is reporting that Halloween is ON in Lahaina!

Here are some excerpts from the article posted in the StarBulletin.com:

LAHAINA » Revelers will be out in force on Front Street again this Halloween after Maui County's Cultural Resource Commission voted in favor of allowing the Lahaina event to proceed as planned.

Dissent from several native Hawaiian groups has done little to spook event organizers in the past, but ensuring that all goes well this year "puts a little bit of a fear of God into us," said Joan McKelvey, a member of the Lahaina Town Action Committee, the group tasked with organizing the event that draws an estimated 35,000 people annually.

"We're hoping everything will go as it always does -- very well -- on Halloween night," said McKelvey.

Criticism has grown in recent years that the celebration has become too wild, with some of the costumes unsuitable for young eyes.

Nani Watanabe, who joined her fellow commissioners Aug. 2 in voting 5-1 in favor of running the event as planned this year, remarked, "By approving Halloween in Lahaina, we know it's going to be safe, controlled and organized."

See the whole Lahaina Halloween story written by Wendy Osher

1 comment:

Dominic said...

Halloween has become a Lahaina staple since 1990! They can't get rid of it. And they won't be able to. It's a huge revenue source for the town as well as a lot of fun and anticipated by everyone on Maui.

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