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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Introducing MagicianJackMaxwell.com

Magician Jack Maxwell
Introducing Magician Jack Maxwell's new website: http://www.MagicianJackMaxwell.com

Jack Maxwell is a magician without limits. The stunning effects of his magic will dance in your mind, while his charm takes audiences on a journey of wonder and amazement. Jack’s unbelievable sleight of hand and rapid-fire wit creates an entertainment experience like no other. Featured in Magic DVD’s, lectures, and workshops as well, as an author and inventor of magic, Jack Maxwell has mentored and trained many magicians from around the globe on new techniques and ways to improve their craft.

Jack’s love affair with magic started over 20 years ago with the support of his parents. In 2003, he opened “The Wizard’s Apprentice” magic store in Hollywood, Florida, making him the youngest magician to ever own and operate a magic store. With the growing demand of Jack’s performances, Jack is moving his magic store to an online sales retailer in order to free up the time needed to perform more shows.

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