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Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Star Trek Trailer

Star Trek Movie Costumes

The Super Bowl is, of course, known for its commercials, but especially exciting for me are the movie trailer commercials! I've already reviewed the exciting GI Joe Movie Trailer and now, I am pleased to bring you a new Star Trek Trailer!

I am a Trekkie at heart. I grew up watching the original series (well, reruns of the original series) and am proud to say that I can tell you which episode it is within the first 10 seconds of airtime. I am also a huge JJ Abrams fan, so bringing the two together is a match made in my Sci Fi Geek Heaven!

In the first trailers, we see Kirk and Spock and glimpses of Scottie, Sulu and Ahura. In this new trailer launched today, we meet Bones! Just makes you wonder what he is going to tell Jim he "is not" in this movie! And for your Trekkie viewing pleasure here you go:

Stay tuned to AnniesCostumes.com for new Star Trek uniforms available definitely in time for Halloween and hopefully we will have them in stock for the movie release, May 8, 2009!

And if you are not familiar with the Original Star Trek TV series, do your homework! You will not be sorry!

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