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Thursday, April 03, 2008

All 6 Star Wars Movies on Spike TV

Star Wars Movies on Spike

The Epic Star Wars Saga begins tomorrow on Spike TV. Airing in chronological order with The Phantom Menace - Episode 1 first on April 4th at 8pm. Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones will air Saturday night and The World Broadcast premiere of Revenge of the Sith - Episode 3 will air Sunday night. Then, next week, the original Star Wars Trilogy: Episode IV - A New Hope Friday, April 11th, The Empire Strikes Back Saturday April 12th and Return of the Jedi airing Sunday, April 14th.

It's appointment television, for sure! (Can you tell I'm a huge Star Wars fan!) And Spike promises to throw in plenty of extras so that Star Wars fans can learn even more about the force! Spike will also be airing a Star Wars movies every Sunday in May.

Don't forget that May 25th is Universal Day of the Jedi, so make sure to get your Jedi cloaks and light sabers ready to celebrate the anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars movie.

If you are in need of any Jedi costumes or supplies, www.AnniesCostumes.com has got you covered with Star Wars costumes in all sizes for adults, children, even babies and pets! Plus Star Wars costume accessories, light sabers, masks, helmets, and more! All Star Wars merchandise we carry is officially licensed and approved by LucasFilms.

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