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Monday, April 14, 2008

Annie's Costumes Features Renaissance Clothing and Costumes as well as Spring Party Supplies

Dress up with medieval costumes in April and celebrate in May with Cinco de Mayo costumes and accessories.

I am often asked what we do the rest of the year, when it's not Halloween? And the answer is: We promote how costumes can be used all year long for all different holidays and events! Here is our latest press release information on what's happening this Spring with costumes:

Cinco de Mayo CostumesRenaissance Clothing and Costumes

What do a sombrero and maracas have in common with medieval and Renaissance clothing and costumes? They're all part of the clothing and accessories needed to celebrate spring events. From Renaissance Fair clothing and costumes to fun Cinco de Mayo costumes, Annie's Costumes is the one-stop shop for event costumes and accessories.

As the weather warms in April, adults and children head outdoors and the Spring and Summer festival circuit often kicks off with local Renaissance Fairs. Renaissance fairs are set during the late Elizabethan period and typically include music and theater events as well as period food and crafts. Jugglers, magicians, musicians and other entertainers perform throughout the festivals all wearing Renaissance clothing and medieval costumes.

Fairgoers also dress up in the themed outfits, and costumes often include Maid Marian Costumes, Princess Bride Costumes, Tavern Wench and Peasant Lady Costumes, Merlin, Sir Lancelot, Medieval Knight Costumes and more. For a complete list, visit Annies' Costumes' Renaissance Clothing and Costume Shop at http://anniescostumes.com/renaissa.htm.

Renaissance Fairs aren't the only spring events that require special clothing and costumes. May 5, Cinco de Mayo, is a day to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride with themed parties and celebrations. Typical costumes include sombreros and ponchos, but fun Cinco de May costumes such as fruit hats and Mariachi costumes are always party pleasers. For a complete list of Cinco de Mayo costumes and accessories, visit http://anniescostumes.com/cinco_de_mayo_costumes.htm.

Looking for an excuse to throw a costume party? You can always visit AnniesCostumes.com for costume ideas!

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