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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Star Trek Movie Update

New Star Trek Movie Enterprise

I have seen some more updates on the web this week regarding the new Star Trek movie, which is only a little over 1 year away! For Trekkie & Sci Fi fans like myself, that is a long wait, but according to Leonard Nimoy, "it will be worth the wait"!!

Earlier this week, Screen Rant posted a great article featuring 10 facts about the new Star Trek film:

1. The budget on the film is far below $200MM.

2. The film will be rated PG-13.

3. The release date was pushed back to summer '09 because Paramount really wants it to be a summer blockbuster.

4. The intent was to re-invent the Star Trek franchise, and that is why they went all the way back to start at the beginning.

5. The script was written with Leonard Nimoy in mind. Nimoy read the script and liked it. It seems he's so pivotal to the story that they would have had a big problem if he hadn't liked it.

For the rest of the details and more on what Leonard Nimoy says about the film: http://screenrant.com/archives/hungry-for-more-star-trek-deta-1566.html

For more info & some more behind the scenes Star Trek info see Cinema Blend and http://trekmovie.com/

As for a Star Trek costume update, unfortunately there are not any new Star Trek costumes being made this year, but hopefully we will hear something for next year, and hopefully some new Star Trek uniforms will be available in time for the new movies release next May. In the mean time, you can check out the Star Trek Uniforms and masks that we do have available.

Star Trek UniformStar Trek Spock Mask

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