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Monday, April 07, 2008

Get an American Idol Makeup Makeover!

Ramiele MulabayRamiele Mulabay

I noticed this week on American Idol that all the girls had on very shimmery, glittery, vibrant eye shadows. Their makeup really popped and it caught my attention, maybe it caught yours too!

Kristy Lee CookKristy Lee Cook

Although you may not have a fabulous makeup artist to make you up every day, never fear! You can easily achieve this look on your own with special eye shadows available online at www.StageAndTheaterMakeup.com and www.ExtremeCostumes.com.

Carly SmithsonCarly Smithson

I watch American Idol religiously, as I am a big fan; however the makeup connection never dawned on me until just this week when all of the girls were looking really beautiful with their shimmering eye shadows and shiny lip gloss. It is easy for anyone to achieve this gorgeous look.

Brooke WhiteBrooke White

Not all of our makeup is only for use on stage. Most of it can be used as everyday wear depending on how you apply it. So if you like the sparkling eye shadow look, either for every day makeup wear or a makeup for special evening occasions, here is what you can use to achieve it!

Syesha MercadoSyesha Mercado

Manic Panic is famous for their vibrant colors. Their most popular product is their semi permanent hair color in vibrant & fluorescent colors. They also have a great products called Lust Dust and Coffin Dust. Both "Dusts" are a mineral powder that can be used with a large brush to lightly dust sparkles over a large area, or combined with LiquiSet liquid, can be used as a vibrant eye shadow that will stay in place through all the lights, sweat and tears. Lust Dust comes in vibrant, bright colors; maybe something like what Kristy Lee Cook or Brooke White would be wearing; and Coffin Dust comes in darker, smoky colors, closer to what Carly Smithson and Ramiele Mulabay were wearing. Use a little for some shimmer and use more for a dramatic effect. You can keep it pretty simple with just some extra sparkle or really turn on the color all the way up to a club kid or punk look and anything in between. It's completely up to you! Have fun and play around with it until you find a look you are happy with.

Here's a close up of what each product looks like: Hot Hot Pink Lust Dust Eye Shadow and Silver Stardust™ Coffin Dust:

All the Manic Panic products featured in this article are available on our Goth & Club website: www.ExtremeCostumes.com. Browse the site for other funky things to complete your look, like jewelry, wigs, chunky shoes and funky boots and, of course, some wild costumes too.

Another product that will help you achieve a bright, vibrant sheen and sparkle to your eye shadow color is the Lumière Luxe Sparkle Powder from Ben Nye. Available in 8 bright colors that can be used as a powder shadow or mixed with LiquiSet Sealer to create a luminescent paint with a durable finish. Here is a picture of the product and an example from Ben Nye of just one of the endless possible looks that can be achieved with this eye shadow.

Also available from Ben Nye and available on StageAndTheaterMakeup.com is Lumiere Luxe Powder. Which is an iridescent powder that offers stunning radiance. For beauty highlights, apply dry powder on bare skin or over makeup. This Luxe Powder can be applied to the face, neck and chest, even your arms too; basically anywhere you would like a light dusting of sparkle. Available in 19 different colors, some neutral and some bright. All shades may be mixed with water or LiquiSet Sealer for seamless, shimmering coverage for a more dramatic, even masquerade type look. Here is what the Iced Gold (right) and Bronze Luxe Powders look like:

To finish off the "American Idol Look", notice that the girls have elaborate eye shadow, but very minimal color everywhere else. Use a light blush applied to the apples of the cheeks and a neutral or soft but shiny lip gloss to complete your new American Idol make over!

www.StageandTheaterMakeup.com also has everything else that you need to complete your makeup routine: concealers, foundations, eye liners and powder. Everything we carry is hypo-allergenic and high quality. If you are not familiar with our professional quality makeup products, they are highly pigmented and a little bit goes a long way, colors are vibrant.

And for my last makeup tip, want to be able to stay shine free throughout the day and night? Blotting paper is the answer! This is how stage performers look calm, cool and collected without messing up the makeup under those hot stage lights and high stress.

Need help choosing a hot color for yourself or want to know what colors are most popular? Feel free to contact the makeup department specialists at Extreme Halloween: 1-877-413-8747. Mention this American Idol Makeup post or use coupon code IDOL during online checkout to receive FREE Ground Shipping on your next makeup order of $80 or more. You have until June 1, 2008 before this coupon expires.

And for the record, my favorite idols are: David Cook, Michael Johns, Brooke White and Jason Castro. : )

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