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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Earth Day Special

Manic Panic's super bright hair dye has been awarded the PETA Libby Award and named the "Best Cruelty Free Hair Product of 2007"

Manic Panic's awesome, vibrant hair colors and vibrant makeup can be found on our Goth Costume web site: www.ExtremeCostumes.com at: Manic Panic Hair Color & Makeup.

So with Earth Day just a week away, we thought it might be fun to run this promotion. You can do something fun for yourself by giving yourself a funky new look and be good to the Earth and her animals at the same time!

Use coupon code: EARTH to get FREE Ground Shipping off of your order of $25.00 or more! The coupon expires May 1, 2008.

If you are not familiar with Manic Panic hair colors, it is what is used to achieve the brightest, vibrant, almost fluorescent hair color. We also carry shampoos that help you maintain the bright color and Manic Panic's special hair bleaching product that will help you achieve the brightest possible color, especially if you have dark hair.

Check out which celebrities wear Manic Panic!

Although this is labeled as a temporary hair color, it will tend to stain hair permanently, especially if you have light hair, so by temporary, they mean several weeks temporary, not a couple days.

Have fun and be funky! For more funky costumes, clothing, shoes, boots, jewelry, and more, visit ExtremeCostumes.com and have fun!

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